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You may be surprised to learn that membership dues constitute only a small portion of the funds needed each year to continue the National Guardianship Association’s mission to “promote the standard of excellence in guardianship.“  NGA has provided outstanding services to the guardianship community for more than two decades and is recognized throughout the country as the leading voice for guardians.  Yet, there is more that could be done, if only we had the resources.

You can help!

  • Perhaps your company is involved in serving the nation’s guardians, conservators and fiduciaries, or your organization has interests related to guardianship and surrogate decision making.
  • Maybe you want to support NGA because you are a member of the profession or maybe you just believe in the cause.
  • Possibly someone you are close to has been helped by a guardian.

Let NGA know that you’re committed to excellence in guardianship by designating a donation to help cover costs of ongoing advocacy or by becoming one of the Friends of Excellence, who help make available NGA’s comprehensive and value-inspired educational programming.

Support NGA's Advocacy Efforts.

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Support NGA's Education Program.

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NGA wishes to thank the contributors listed below.

Friends of Excellence, supporting excellence in guardianship through education



2016 advocacy donors, ensuring that the association continues to serve as a national voice in promoting good guardianship
and good
guardianship practices.

Donna Verna, NCG, CLPF
Los Altos, CA
Marlene Messina
Natick, MA
Marielle Gomez-Kaifer
Coral Gables, FL
Donna Kulleck
Yucaipa, CA
Richard Lambie
San Jose, CA
Gail Ward
Sausalito, CA
Patricia L. Barr
Los Angeles, CA
Fred Davidson
Glendale, AZ
Michael Storz
Auburn, CA
Michelle Caylor
Porterfield, WI
Susan Pritchard
Keyport, WA
Janet Shearer
Lakeland, FL
Chris Clausen, NCG, TxCG, CMC, MBA
Dallas, TX
Tiffany O'Shea
Happy Valley, OR
Diane Miller, NCG
Anchorage, AK
Guinevere Johnson
Bend, OR
Michael O'Shea
Happy Valley, OR
Loret Sayler
La Habra Heights, CA
Kathy Eddy
Alton, IL
Leisl Hammond
Canon City, CO
James C. Snyder
Maplewood, MN
Stephen P. Mantell
Pawleys Island, SC
Russ Marshall
Campbell, CA
Cindy Nickol
Helena, MT
Sharon Sasser
Hebron, IN
Holly Atherton
Salem, OR
Daniel G. Stubbs
Pasadena, CA
Gloria F. Byars
Alden, PA
Coya Eubank-Kirby
Redmond, WA
Christine Singleton
Philadelphia, PA
Michael O'Connor
San Carlos, CA
  174 Crestview Drive . Bellefonte, PA 16823-8516 . Phone: 877-326-5992 . Fax: 814-355-2452 .  


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