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NGA Standards of Practice Checklist
This National Guardianship Association (NGA) Standards of Practice Checklist is designed to assist you with monitoring and improving your implementation of the NGA Standards of Practice. NGA is committed to promoting excellence in guardianship and we challenge you to practice guardianship at a level higher than the minimum standards often found in state laws.
The checklist is a tool designed to supplement the NGA Standards of Practice. You should fully acquaint yourself with the complete standards of practice which is available at the NGA website: When completing the checklist you should refer to the standards of practice to determine if you are in compliance. The completion of this checklist should not lead to any assumption that you are in compliance with the standards of practice or local law. It is your responsibility to continually review your practice and to review the requirements of state law, local law and the standards of practice to continually improve upon your practice of guardianship and to serve your client in the best manner possible.
Specific state statutes and requirements are not addressed in this checklist. It is the obligation of each individual to learn his/her state and local law.